Pixton: A Comic Maker for Beginners

Users can also choose to buy individual content packs. Prices vary per pack ($5.99-$14.99), and the user keeps the pack forever.

Available plans to purchase. Source: Pixton.com

Pixton for Business Users

Business users are offered templates that can help with business related projects such as announcing an event, a new policy, or a project update.

The watermark that appears after editing. Source: Pixton.com

Printing and downloading comics appear to be the only forms of sharing one’s work.

Options for printing or downloading. Source: Pixton.com
Policy Announcement Template. Source: Pixton.com

Pixton for Educators

Page where students appear. Source: Pixton.com
Locked items that are available in content packs. Source: Pixton.com

Pixton for Students

Creating a comic. Source: Pixton.com
Editing characters. Source: Pixton.com


Sharing work can either be done by printing out or downloading a comic, but these functions are locked after the free trial expires.

Page shown when clicking on locked features. Source: Pixton.com

While Pixton can be a useful tool for people with limited artistic skills, professional artists will find the interface limiting.



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Amy Hernandez

Amy Hernandez


UIC undergrad majoring in English with a minor in communication